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BBC Radio: Turn It Up

KFC: Bring Home The Weekend

Under Armour: Rule Yourself - Michael Phelps

Vue Cinemas: Pre-Movie Ident

Audi RS 3: Birth

BBC Three: Shorts

Audi A4: Virtual Cockpit

Halls: Tough Love / Soft Love

Nike: Tiempo

Huawei: P9

Mentos: Happy Accident

Under Armour: Rule Yourself - Memphis Depay

Adidas: Kit Launches 2015

Virgin Media: Be Inspired

New Balance: Make / Take

Guinness: Feel

Audi R8: The Eye

Pizza Hut: Taste Freedom

Adidas: There Will Be Haters

Unibet: Frozen Moments

Volvo: Swedish Air

Nick Toons: Talent IDs

Samsung Level: Be Sound

Innocent: Waiting Game

Funding Circle: We Are Not a Bank

Johnnie Walker: The Endless Walk

Currys PC World

Nike CR7: Out Of This World

Axe: Monday / Wednesday

Alphabetty Saga: Play With Words

Hertz: Cleaned Out

My Shadow Mocks Me

Vauxhall: The A-Z of Corsa

Lynx: Less Effort, More Style

Škoda: ITV Mystery Drama Idents

Nick Junior: Channel Rebrand

Hartley's: Jelly Pots

The Guardian: Three Little Pigs

Lucozade: The Heat

Stride: The World's Best Lawyer

Royal Marines: It's a State of Mind

KIX: Channel Rebrand

Electoral Commission

Vodafone: Sky Sports Mobile TV

Axe Peace: Call To Arms

Brother: Printer Orchestra

Schwartz: The Sound of Taste

Audi: R8 V10

Dr Who: 50th Anniversary Trailer

Johnnie Walker: From The Future

Nike: Risk Everything

Bombay Sapphire: EXIT LOG

The Sunday Times: Icons


Lexus: Relentless

Nike: Hit The Target