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Adidas Haters: Pick Of The Week

Adidas Haters. It’s hard to hate a Pick Of The Week in Campaign.

Campaign Pick Of The Week Adidas Haters

Considering the personalities involved and the idea behind the campaign, the sound design for this project was always going to get a bit feisty. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the splits for Apashe’s banger “Battle Royale” early on so we could cut + treat bits of the track at the same time as building up layers of angry sound design. When Mike realised the track’s bpm was a framerate friendly 100bpm we had to lock him in his studio until he calmed down. Watch the results here:

Big thanks to all for getting us involved: Adam Fish, Jeremy Muthana, Ramon Ricard & Leila Bartlam at Iris Worldwide. Ernest at Frenzy Paris. Albert at Limone Studios.

If you’re a fan of gnarly basslines, Apashe has uploaded an extended VIP of the track on his Soundcloud: