Mixing Live in Los Angeles

We recently collaborated with The Mill, Los Angeles to create a piece of work for Wells Fargo. The film is playing on a unique outdoor multi-screen setup in Microsoft Square, downtown Los Angeles.

Wells Fargo - Los Angeles 5

The square is part of L.A. Live, a multi-million dollar entertainment complex incorporating the Lakers’ stadium, Grammy museum, various theatres, restaurants and clubs. It’s a pretty impressive development and I was lucky enough to be able to hang out for the afternoon, before supervising the final sound-mix playback. You’ve got to love a big thing concreted into the floor with the words Daft Punk and Nile Rogers carved into it.

Wells Fargo - Los Angeles - Daft Punk

Having pre-mixed the sound back at String and Tins HQ, I flew out with a portable Pro Tools rig, to hear first hand how the mix translated in such a big outdoor space and tweak things if need be. Once everything was in shape we came back in the evening to see the screens at night. It looked awesome and the Mill’s team did an amazing job with the multi-screen layout.

Wells Fargo - Los Angeles 1

Big thanks to Adi, Justin and Martin from The Mill for getting us involved and inviting me over.

Wells Fargo - Los Angeles 3

Mike Bamford, String and Tins