VUE Cinema: Sizzle

Having worked with Andrew Proctor and his talented team of animators at The Mill earlier in the year, Will Cohen and the team were extremely pleased to be asked to work with them on the sound design and music composition for the new Vue Cinema pre-film ident. Written and produced by Joint London, it was an epic undertaking, culminating in a two day Dolby Atmos mix at Twickenham Studios Theatre 1, one of the leading dubbing theatres in the world.
Vue Cinema
The Pro-tools project was considerably larger than anything we had worked on before, so much so that Will convinced us to significantly upgrade String and Tins studio 1 in order to be able to play back the sound he created – you will be pleased to know we can now play 512 marble crash / light beam burst / electric whip / earth shattering sounds at the same time.
For the uninitiated, Dolby Atmos is an incredibly immersive sonic experience, allowing you to move sound objects around in a three dimensional space within the theatre. This enables far more imaginative sound placement than a traditional 5.1 system. Perhaps most importantly, it adds a height dimension, allowing far greater physical interaction between sound and image than possible with more conventional surround systems.

Huge thanks to Claudio, Damon, Algy and Alicia at Joint London, for entrusting us with the job, having never worked with us before. Big shouts out to Adi and Andrew at The Mill, for suggesting us in the first place, and also to Tim Cavagin, Dafydd Archard and the amazing team at Twickenham Studios for their help with the mix.

Watch the finished film here:

Update March 2016: The film just picked up a 2016 Music and Sound Award for best sound design in cinema advertising.

Music and Sound Award Vue Cinema String and Tins