World Cup Pressure

Steven Gerrard

Will our boys be able to withstand the pressure this summer in Brazil? One thing’s for sure… with temperatures of 32C and humidity hitting 76%, they’re going to need to keep their electrolytes topped up!

In this World Cup spot for Lucozade we were asked: “What does stress, tension and oppressive heat sound like?”.

Director, Chris Cairns, had a bold vision of using sound, CGI and 3D body scanning technology to make the England captain physically buckle. We were lucky enough to get an early brief on the sound treatment, allowing us to build the sound design and music layers at the same time as the visuals developed. Bowed cymbals, bowed gongs and piano wires formed the base of the tension sounds, to which we added other “hot” sounds: insects swarms, rising air pressure, jets, flame throwers and agitated football crowds recorded in the Morumbi and Botafogo stadiums, Brazil. As Steven beings to melt, a thunder crack sets off slow paced drums and the relative pitches of the bowed layers all start to bend downwards.

Melt Boot

As the fightback begins, the melting reverses and the sound builds upwards to the resulting payoff. We recorded Benedict Cumberbatch for the VO and finalised the levels at the wonderful Soho Square Studios. Without doubt one of our favourite jobs this year.

Huge thanks to Rebecca and Jennifer at Grey London for asking us along, to Darren, Alex and Jonathan for letting us go crazy with the sound and to Chris for getting us involved so early. Big love also to Trim, Partizan and Time Based Arts.