String and Tins are a multi-award winning, dedicated team of sound designers, composers, sound supervisors and mix engineers, obsessed with creating innovative and powerful sonic storytelling.

We deliver sound design, bespoke music composition & research, and everything in between. Be it for advertising, film, branding, gaming and immersive content - we collaborate with the best sound editors, musicians, foley artists, editorial and theatrical facilities across the world, with global partners from the US to Australia, allowing us to nail any workflow needed.

Supervising sound effects capture or musicians on set, recording cars and camels in the desert, mixing the biggest campaigns in the studio, we love it.

Our Central London studios offer a range of facilities, from cutting edge audio design and composition suites, through to our flagship Dolby Atmos theatre. We have the best recording equipment in the industry: a huge array of microphones, a collection of revered synthesisers and acoustic instruments to hand, and a beautiful vintage Bl├╝thner baby grand piano in our reception - come say hi and have a play!