Mike Bamford

Mike is a founding partner of String and Tins, a record collector, northerner, synthesiser buff and over-the-mountains cyclist. His work has been awarded at D&AD, Cannes Lions, Ciclopé, Creative Circle and MASA. Highlights include work on Cannes Grand Prix Under Armour “Phelps”, Adidas Haters, and his proudest so far: Ancestry “Together Forever” where he teased authentic singing performances from a cast of non-professionals on set.

Will Cohen

Will is a founding partner of String and Tins and an accomplished sound designer / composer / ex-chorister / trombonist / mediocre pianist, with a healthy love of modular synths and granular / spectral plugins. His sound design and music on films such as Vue Cinemas’ pre-film ident / Audi Birth / Guardian Three Little Pigs, has been awarded at Cannes, D&AD, Ciclopé, The British Arrows, Kinsale Sharks, Shots, MASA, LIAs and The One Show.

Eimear Gorey

Eimear is our most excellent Production Manager. As well as being a music and mathematics graduate of Trinity College Dublin, she is a (very) Irish fiddle player / lover of disco / feminist / yogi / who has been known to compose, and on occasion, sing. She can mostly be found at the cinema or in art galleries pronouncing words such as ‘c’mere to me’, ‘wagon’ or ‘grand’.

Joe Wilkinson

Joe is an experienced sound designer and composer with nearly a decade under his belt in London's top studios. He has been awarded at Pro Max and Creative Circle with a raft of nominations along the way. A classical & jazz trained guitarist, he can be found hazing out with his guitar pedals or contemplating the universe with like minded zen mates over a cup of strong coffee.

Lawrence Kendrick

Lawrence’s sound design and music features on some of our biggest campaigns - internally he’s known as ‘The Law’ for good reason. His background in physics and maths combined with his musical creativity, bring a unique perspective to the studio. Lawrence contributes as a Mentor in the industry and occasional lecturer at Birmingham City University, and has worked on sound design for a ton of fringe theatre shows to boot!

Adam Smyth

Adam is an award-winning sound designer / composer / producer / vinyl enthusiast, with multiple audio disciplines under his belt. From cutting tape or producing up-and-coming artists, to working with Hollywood's biggest talent, Adam is comfortable in any studio situation. His work has been awarded at Creative Circle, BTAAs, Kinsale, and Clios. In his spare time, he's either pursuing his passion for film music, drumming, or binging Netflix.

Kaspar Broyd

Kaspar is equally happy capturing fx in remote locations, as he is crafting tracks in the studio, in addition to making sure String and Tins' tech infrastructure works a charm. He has contributed sound design and original music to a number of String and Tins projects. He is a synth and drum machine lover who makes music under the pseudonym Broka when he’s not telling people to reboot.

Jim Stewart

Jim is an accomplished sound designer & composer whose work on Bose and Michelob shows just a little of what he can do. He’s a beat-maker at heart, with a background in producing commercial music for major-label artists, and has recently completed the score for the feature-length documentary ‘Chasing Perfect’ on Netflix. He has a fondness for wonky beats, ambient music and writing raps whenever possible.

Naomi Graham

Naomi joined our team having cut her teeth in London’s indie studios and working as a freelance foley artist in both TV and film. She has a First Class Masters in Audio Production and as a classically trained musician, Naomi records and collaborates in London’s jazz scene in her spare time. Ask her about harmonic series, embouchures, french horns, appoggiaturas...

Alina Miroshnichenko

Bred by bears in frosty Russia, Alina came to terms with endless British rains and opened up a special place in her heart for Lady Grey tea. She joined our production team after getting a 1st class Masters in Jazz Vocals (she’s often found writing songs on our piano after a day of chasing pencils). Proud owner of the company's loudest laugh, Alina is a funk loving hug-extraordinaire who’s always up for a challenge.

Charlie Howard

Charlie is a folk music loving cyclist who is fondly known as 'The Vegan'. He can easily be recognised as the tallest member of our team of producers. Music and sports are big passions - he has a love of strange and wonderful instruments from around the world and is our in house ‘banjo and mandolin guy’. Although he’s a boxer with a mean jab he's an all-round friendly giant.

Laura-Leigh Smith

Laura-Leigh is a pocket-rocket Aussie singer/producer and lover of all things music, tennis, quoting Friends/Disney and harmonising to radio ga ga. From singing to The Pope when she was 12, appearing on “The Voice Australia”, studying performance & songwriting in Sydney and the Frost School of Music in Miami, Laura-Leigh has swapped the beach for Big Ben and can’t seem to stop eating Weetabix.

Giulia Campanella

Giulia, aka DJ Tess, works as a runner by day and a DJ / music producer by night. She’s a lover of grime and techno, with an eternal passion for coffee and an unhealthy reliance on pasta. When not dropping bangers with London MCs or having her tracks played at Paris Fashion Week, you can find her scoring goals for Hackney Parrots and grabbing a pint in a North London pub.