Samsung: I'm Open To That

What better way to celebrate Samsung’s new philosophy than with a good old song and dance. Read on to hear about Joe's sound design approach.

Samsung believes in the promise of technology to open things up, and believes that the more we open up, the more awesome we become. That’s why the brand has launched ‘I’m Open To That’, a manifesto film communicating its new brand philosophy: Life Opens Up With Galaxy.

We worked closely with composers Auburn Jam to create the perfect musical number that would bring the vibrant visuals to life and give the film the feeling of an awe-inspiring finale.

The sound brief here was all about adding an extra layer of fun through the sound. The music would always be the driving force but there were moments for playful sound design to break the flow and provide a little of the unexpected.

We tried a few different approaches for the opening sequence. The main consideration was, when should we reveal the bear as a human? We tested different yawns, growls, warming up for sing, anything that could provide an extra layer of comedy. For the final version I blended a real bear roar with a human roar for the transition moment.

I tried to inject a bit of a life into each scene to give us some choices in the mix. We went super cartoony at one point including a full 8bit treatment for aliens sequence. It was a useful exercise as some of those sounds stayed, but the film needed a balance of fun without being silly so a selective approach was required. The space moment provided a nice opportunity for the track to fade in to oblivion before the big final build.

A great project for punctuational sound design that compliments a piece of musical live action.

Sound designer: Joe Wilkinson // Additional Sound design: Lawrence Kendrick // Composer: Auburn Jam // Music Supervision: Laura-Leigh Smith, Mike Bamford // Audio Producer: Laura-Leigh Smith // Director: Alaska @ Iconoclast // Production Company: Iconoclast // Film Producer: Molly Pope // Editor: Sam Bould @ Final Cut // Agency: Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam // Agency Producer: Endy Hedman // Executive Creative Director: Eric Quennoy, Mark Bernath // Creative Director: Zeynep Orbay, Mohamed Diaa // Post Production: Nash // Grade: Osmar Junior